Friday, February 1, 2013

New year download boost

Since the beginning of this year, more precisely starting from Jan, 3 I got a strong and consistent increment in the number of downloads and consequently in the number of active installs on all my applications. Since I did not do any promotion I can only conclude that this has to do with Christmas.

If it was not a Christmas effect it would not be possible to explain why almost all my applications got this big increase starting from the same day. This one week delay may be caused by how Google counts the downloads.

Now it is time to invest more in promotion and I already put $50 on AdMob for GPS, find me! focused on the Brazilian market with amazing results. I'll describe this new campaign in the next post.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Post Christmas considerations

Finally Christmas time is over.

I'm a bit disappointed about the number of downloads during this period. I was expecting a visible increment but the graphics give me some figures that I do not know how to interpret.

The first graphic refers to GPS, find me! while the second refers to Digital ebook Library; both are relative to active installs. The red line is positioned on Dec 25.

As you can see I certainly had an increment in the active installs after Christmas, but his increment is either too small to have a statistical relevance or too far from Christmas to be sure that there is a connection.

Look how fast the active installs for Digital ebook Library increase after Jan 3; it is more than 900 in just one week and I did not do any promotion. Something must have been happened, but what? Let's see in the next weeks what it happens.

Now a couple of words about Tapjoy. Finally the credits schema for GPS, find me! and Digital ebook Library started to work. It is too early to talk about numbers, but I think this month I'll earn more from Tapjoy than AdMob. By the end of January I'll post the monthly income.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Annual balance

The year is finished and is time to make a short balance. Follows the monthly incoming report of my apps.

From the total we have to subtract the $50 I spent on the AdMob campaign, so the net incoming for 2012 is $115.37.

Well, if to be considered rich you should have at least $1M I'm only $999,884.63 far away from my goal.

Jokes apart: for 2013 I'm expecting an average monthly income higher because only at the end of the last year the schema of the credits for GPS, find me! started to work.