Saturday, January 12, 2013

Post Christmas considerations

Finally Christmas time is over.

I'm a bit disappointed about the number of downloads during this period. I was expecting a visible increment but the graphics give me some figures that I do not know how to interpret.

The first graphic refers to GPS, find me! while the second refers to Digital ebook Library; both are relative to active installs. The red line is positioned on Dec 25.

As you can see I certainly had an increment in the active installs after Christmas, but his increment is either too small to have a statistical relevance or too far from Christmas to be sure that there is a connection.

Look how fast the active installs for Digital ebook Library increase after Jan 3; it is more than 900 in just one week and I did not do any promotion. Something must have been happened, but what? Let's see in the next weeks what it happens.

Now a couple of words about Tapjoy. Finally the credits schema for GPS, find me! and Digital ebook Library started to work. It is too early to talk about numbers, but I think this month I'll earn more from Tapjoy than AdMob. By the end of January I'll post the monthly income.

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